First long(ish) van trip

How about some cross blog pollination?  Here is a recap of our first trip in the van. It was a quick 6 week shakedown cruise to suss out the vans capabilities and trouble areas. If you’re a van nerd, there are a bunch of photos:

Less of a build report. More of a shakedown cruise recap


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    Jeana 24 Apr ’17

    its gone way too far mate. the phone call was taped.Jimmy Then madea series of calls on his behalf, to some surprising people actually, the advice from the Stamford Hill synagogue was to quoot-&qute; stay still and batten down all hatches jimmy and it will blow over for you, but for gary wash your hands of him "

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    Alex 24 Apr ’17

    Jerry – I know that Danny went through some difficult times with SHU fans when he was a player at The Hall. Does he harbor resentment / ill will towards the university and or its admniistration? One would think that an alumnus of the university would take pride and want to better the school in which they came from. Clearly you have to be objective, as a reporter, but I would imagine / hope that you are a SHU fan, as you’re an alum!

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    Ken-Are you familiar with the draconian restrictions on speech for government employees subject to the UCMJ? What’s your opinion on those, and if they are acceptable why is it not acceptable to apply them to all government employees? Of particular interest to you might be the fact that these provisions apply not only off-duty but even after a servicemember retires.

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