Along with the FACTORYTOWN stills I shot some video and cut it together in a kind of supportive companion piece. Check it out(less than 2 minutes):

Johnsonburg PA is about 1.5 hours south of Buffalo on route 219. You have probably driven through it and said: “Holy shit, whats that smell?”.
That was my reaction the first few times.  But the more I drove through here, the more I found myself slowing down. The town was practically inside the gigantic industrial works of a large scale paper mill. Fascinating.

I spent a few hours with a notebook sketching out what kind of shots I could get and seeing if this had any legs. I decided it did and waited for the right weather conditions for a visit.

I knew from watching other smokestacks that extremely cold temperatures and still winds will produce really interesting conditions around the base of the stacks. And what was around the base of the smokestacks in Johnsonburg? A town…


So one insanely cold morning in February I left Buffalo at 4am to drive to a town surrounded by a paper mill. And I’m glad I did. Once the sun got above the ridge lines of the surrounding Allegheny’s the top section of the stacks steam exhaust lit up while the ground level steam stayed dark and blue colored from all the surrounding snow. Beautiful.

Originally I thought I might publish only a video, but the stills were just too damn strong to stick them in a video. They needed their own space.
Here is that space:
(((full still project))) FACTORYTOWN (((click me)))

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Now go look at the full project at the link above!



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    Kayden 25 Jul ’16

    If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon todoerp.

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    http://www./ 13 Nov ’16

    When I first started teaching there was no boundary between work and play. Work came home all the time, but now that I’ve settled in I have made a very good habit of leaving it at home if I can’t get it done in the time I set aside. You’ve gotta have balance!

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    Non, je ne suis pas d’accord: il n’y a que Apple qui sait bien faire les choses? Et puis, après les iFrigos, à contrôler avec l’iPhone (caméra interne qui permet de regarder s’il est vide, le iFrigo), on aura aussi les baguettes à la pomme (incompatibles avec le jambon et le beurre, bien sûr)?Je suis peut-être phobique, et Eric Blair m’a torturé quand j’étais enfant, mais je souhaite pas qu’Apple grandisse encore.D

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