Photography Bang Bang podcast

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the incredibly ambitious Photography Bang Bang podcast. The host, Mark Townsend is a talented photographer from Sydney Australia with a mission to drop 1 podcast a day. Ambitious!

There are a ton of great interviews already up on the site, so go check em out.

Anyway, heres my interview:


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    Margie 24 Apr ’17

    Hejsa. Hr lige et sp¥Ãrgsmøl til bagestenen. Jeg synes nemlig at bunden nÃ¥r at blive sort før brødet har været længe nok derinde. Har du nogle rÃ¥d til det? Bruger du varm luft?

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    Starr 24 Apr ’17

    What a fantastic card – and that sentiment is wowza. Perfect match. Thanks for the technique – off to give it a try for my last two cards for Vera Y.827#1&;s card drive. Thanks for the idea.

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