ERW Law and shooting in the snow

After a few weather delays and some rescheduling I had the pleasure to shoot the head honchos over at ERW Law. Yes there was snow on the ground and yes the temperature was hovering around 10 degrees F, but you have a job. Do it.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to get some exterior environmental portraits. Something to connect ERW with Buffalo. That’s pretty easy to do with the iconic landmarks scattered around town.  Add some snow and I cant think of anything that says ‘Buffalo’ better.
Even with the sub freezing temps the power packs kept up with the shooting and the snow acted as some great ballast for the lights. No sandbags! Stephen and Liz were great sports in the snow and after some more post work we’re going to have some unique images.

225B2878-Edit 225B2669

We moved inside on day 2 and got some more traditional stuff, using natural light and some strobe fills. A 3rd floor atrium ceiling and some direct winter sunlight made for some gorgeous light.


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