2014: In three minutes and one second.

Its a bit of an annual tradition for me to wrap up the year by cramming a post with as many of my favorite images as possible. This ends up being a LOT of images… its hard to be your own editor.

But this year…this year its gonna be different. I cut a video to sum up the 360 day trip around the sun in a quick, easy access format. Of course you’ll watch it to the end. Right?

2014 was really good to me. Many of the ideas/goals/ambitions that I had laid out in the beginning of the year actually came to pass. Things like a solo show at CEPA, some national and international press on the rice project. I was nominated ASMP best of 2014. I hit(and smashed) my financial goals for 2014. I was able to secure new clients and work on some great projects with old clients. I landed a contract that will take me around the world in 2015.
Is that enough bragging yet?

Thank you 2014! Oh and 2015…? I am going to kick your ass.
Here’s the video:

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