Best of ASMP 2014

This is quite the honor. I’ve been named one of ASMP’s Best of 2014.

When the call for work came out, I noticed one of the guidelines was to display a visual consistency for the images submitted. The Rice project definitely fit this description. Between the images selected and the post work done on them, the project as a whole has a ‘look’ to it.


And since I have a page with a lengthy interview on it(click that screencap on left to go to it) I feel I can be a little self indulgent…

Visual cohesion in a project
I find that Im approaching most new work in a specific way:
-Get the concept ironed out
-Let the technical details and execution steer the concept(a little)
-Early looks and experiments with post work while still shooting guides the rest of the footage gathered

I think the last point is what can really tie a project together. Obviously we are talking about something that takes several days/weeks/years to shoot and not a quick editorial portrait. Reviewing footage in a meaningful way while still shooting the project is really helpful. Applying early looks and experiments with post processing to the footage can suddenly bring out an a-ha! moment and guide the remainder of what you shoot and how you shoot it.

This approach worked well for me in Alaska. After several days of shooting I was reviewing footage and started noticing the shots wanted to get darkened up with just hints of light/color. This changed my lighting, my f-stops and angles for the rest of the trip. I knew what I was shooting towards so I could get there quicker with the camera and keep the images looking consistent even before they hit Lightroom.

Ok, thats it from me.

Head over and take a look at the interview. Its pretty entertaining:

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    Judy Herrmann 8 Nov ’14

    Great advice, Scott!

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