New Chi.Lao.Cam.Tai.Viet.Thai gallery, and so much more

In what amounts to version 2.0 of the website; I have added several new galleries, totally changed the look of the site, added and removed, culled, refined and just plain made better

One of the cool new chunks of content is the awkwardly named Chi.Lao.Cam.Tai.Viet.Thai gallery. After wrapping up the rice project, I realized there was a ton of great images from the general banging around of Asia that happened in between shooting the rice stuff. Like, a ton of them. And the hardest part(as it always is) was trying to edit myself and only bring the best images to the gallery. So many stories in the cracks between these images…
I hope you enjoy them for what they are. A lot of hard fought miles went into making this gallery.

The rest of the site desperately needed a makeover. I had a bunch of new work and the old layout was starting to get a little tired. I wanted something that showed what I was doing even quicker and maybe had a little motion to it. Enter the new OVERVIEW…
Im loving it. It quickly and graphically lays out what Im all about and the GIFs for the motion stuff was perfect.  Plus I can jam even more images onto my landing page…

Theres plenty of other new content(the NAVIGATE gallery) in particular that Im proud to show, along with thumbnail tweaks and other boring stuff. Who has even read this far…?
Just go take a look. You wont regret it:

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