Esab M3 Plasma shoot

A few weeks ago I found myself in Florence, SC with the wonderful people from Crowley Webb and ESAB in one of their technology lab playgrounds.  There were plasma torches, huge plates of 2″ thick steel, cranes, and magnets strong enough to move that plate in my head.  Just kidding, I never got close enough to it…
Thanks to Lillian Selby and Lauren Molenda from Crowley for making the shoot a pleasure and thanks to Alex Sewald for being on top of his game.


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    Bette 25 Jul ’16

    Hey, that’s the grtasete! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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    • Mavrick 24 Apr ’17

      Igen, az biztos, hogy nem Halász az aki most este a féekezbsn van, mert jól lehetett rajta látni a gyűrűt. De a gyűrű száma nem tudom mi volt 😉

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